Ink Innovation to launch a joint venture with LPort in Saudi Arabia

Ink Innovation to launch a joint venture with LPort in Saudi Arabia

Alicante, Spain – April 17, 2024 — Ink Innovation, a global player in travel IT solutions, and Saudi-based LPort have announced the launch of their joint venture, Ink Arabia, at the Passenger Terminal Expo 2024 in Messe Frankfurt, Germany. Building on a partnership that began in 2018, this initiative will deliver innovative travel solutions in line with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030.

Joint venture vision and operations

Harmen Brenninkmeijer, President and Chief Development Officer of Ink Innovation, highlighted, “This joint venture is a strategic step forward in transforming the travel technology landscape, addressing the unique needs of the Saudi market.”

Mohammed Al-Moaither, CEO of LPort, elaborated on the venture’s goals: “Our collaboration goes beyond merging resources – it’s about creating forward-thinking solutions that anticipate and exceed the needs of the travel industry. We are eager to bring advancements in travel technology, making a lasting impact across the kingdom.”

Ink Arabia, headquartered in Riyadh, will operate across sectors such as airports, airlines, smart cities, rail, and sea ports.

The joint venture will leverage Ink’s expertise in providing web-based, cloud-integrated departure control and other systems, mobile, self-service solutions, and biometrics. These innovations streamline airport operations and enhance passenger convenience.

LPort brings to the venture its proven track record in implementing services like hassle-free home check-in and unique services, processing passengers at their location and bringing bags inside the plane at the selected time. These services are designed to simplify the check-in process and improve overall efficiency in travel logistics.

Mohammed is enthusiastic about this joint venture’s potential “to create customized solutions to serve the most ambitious versions of what the market wants and needs”.

Joint venture leadership team

The leadership team for the newly launched joint venture will have Mohammed Al-Moaither as the Chief Operating Officer, who will apply his extensive experience in business development and market expansion as LPort’s CEO. Javed Malik, who leads the consultancy services at Ink+, joins as Managing Partner, bringing his 30-year experience from initiating and leading large-scale aviation technology programs, such as biometric passenger journeys, to further enhance the venture’s offerings.

“We will focus on enhancing the integration of airport and urban experiences, driving critical initiatives like ‘Pax without Bags’ and others. By leveraging local talent and expertise, we aim to transform the traveller’s journey and elevate Saudi Arabia’s position as a global aviation technology leader.” — Javed Malik, Managing Partner, Ink Arabia.

Under the visionary leadership of Malik and Al-Moaither, Ink Arabia is poised to drive innovation in Saudi Arabia’s travel sector. The venture supports Saudi Arabia’s strategic vision by aiming to accommodate over 300 million passengers by 2030, transforming travel into a globally bench marked experience.

Javed Malik, Managing Partner of Ink Arabia

Javed is an experienced aviation professional with 30 years in group and C-suite level roles, including full-service and low-cost airlines, ground handling, and airport operations.He has led major initiatives such as India’s first biometric travel program, Digi Yatra, and expanded the AirAsia FACES biometric program to over 117 airports across the Asia-Pacific. Javed has managed large, diverse teams in highly regulated environments throughout Australasia,South Asia, the Far East, the U.K., the Middle East, and the Indian subcontinent.In his role at Ink Arabia, Javed will oversee strategic development and growth initiatives to meet market demands.

Mohammed Al-Moaither, Chief Operating Officer of Ink Arabia and CEO of LPort

Mohammed is a leader with experience in operations, business development, and project management domestically and internationally. Mohammed’s robust track record highlights his ability to identify and transform market opportunities into successful business ventures. Mohammed will oversee operational excellence in his role at Ink Arabia, ensuring the company’s objectives are met through innovative solutions and collaborative efforts.